Compass Leadership

The Leader in Client
Honor Development

Helping businesses identify, scale, and harvest value at every stage of the business lifecycle.

Identify Value

We help start-ups identify the unique value they bring to the market.

Stop being a Start-up!

We'll help you clarify your value, gain traction, and reach your ideal customers

Scale Value

We help growth-oriented businesses identify how to repeat and scale their best sales, and train their team - or ours - on how to best repeat their success!

Multiply Sales

Are your most profitable deals limited to a few rain makers? Let us get in your head, and train your team - or ours - to repeat your success, over and over again.

Harvest Value

For established companies looking to sell, we help them identify the value they bring to a potential buyer, beyond the balance sheet and the term sheet.

Generate Legacy

When the value of your business becomes what it can do for you when you are no longer in it, let us help you generate your legacy - for your company, for your buyer, for yourself.

Core Values

We have SaaS! While many approach sales as art (throw it against the wall and see what sticks), we've developed our own "Sales as a Science" methodology, creating consistent, scalable growth potential for our clients. Having consistently hit 100% of sales quotas for our clients since our Founding in 2009, we believe that SALES should be:


Hard Science - applying the scientific method to sales & always testing the hypothesis!

Not very s.m.A.r.t.

Sales are not "Attainable" (you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink) Instead, they are based on value-based relationships.

Usually WRONG

Growth-mindset - Iterative - Constantly learning and improving along the way!

just say no

Get prospects to say "No" to us as quickly as possible - let's not waste our time - or theirs - when there are better fits out there!

Begin the Value Journey to client Honor Development!


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